Cheers to a new year!


We are always a true believer of going after what you always want. 2012 we started to build on a dream we’ve always had and 2013 was the continuation of hard work, and satisfaction we get from chasing after our dreams. It was also a year of facing new challenges, lessons learnt and new really wonderful experiences. We are very thankful for all that has happened in 2013. Now that 2014 is here, we are ready to create new dreams, new goals and fulfilling as much as we can.


Photos credit to Oh Joy!

The key to a great year and a great you is staying happy. Be happy, share the joy. We love the idea that we saw about sharing joy by sprinkling joy. We filled a jar with colourful sprinkles, pearls and jimmies in all shapes and sizes then gave it out to our loved ones. It was left up to their imagination on how they would like to enjoy the sugar treat. Some poured on ice cream, some ate it on its own, and so on. These little jars of joy are great as party favours too. Why not share your joy and put a smile on someone today!


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